Our Vision

To bring Tango back to its roots

Lucia Pellitero

My Tango story
My connection to Tango began during my childhood, with my dad
waking me up to tango music and singing tangos at the breakfast
table. Fast forward 25 years, the dance found its way back into my
life when I moved to the Netherlands. Missing Buenos Aires, I returned
to Tango as a way to connect to my homeland.

Teaching methods
I focus on guiding students through a process of reinforcing positive
traits and correcting any bad habits. My approach involves helping
them establish a connection with the music, encouraging them to
feel the rhythm in their bodies rather than overthinking.
While fostering a strong connection between the leader and
follower, I emphasize the importance of becoming proficient
dancers individually first, prioritizing self-expression and personal
growth instead of dancing through another.

Louis de Buck

My passion for dancing developed later in life, but I firmly believe it’s never too late to learn. I have been actively engaged in dancing for over 3 years, with a focus on Argentine Tango. Coming from a primarily Dutch family I’ve come to respect the Argentine culture and overcome cultural barriers, sticking to the roots of the dance and never forgetting where it truly comes from.