Welcome to our Tango Class! Before you enroll, please read and understand the following conditions:

Payment Policy:
– All payments for our Tango classes are final and non-refundable unless otherwise determined by the organizer due to unforeseen circumstances.
– We do not offer refunds or credits for missed classes, no-shows, or changes in personal circumstances.

Class Enrollment:
– When you enroll in our Tango classes, you are committing to attend the subsequent classes in a row as scheduled by the organizer.
– Students are not permitted to choose individual classes but are expected to attend the classes in sequential order to ensure continuity and progression in learning.

Attendance Policy:
– If a student is unable to attend a class, they must inform the organizers at least one week in advance to make appropriate arrangements.

– Make-up classes may be offered at the discretion of the organizer in exceptional circumstances or as arranged with prior notice.
– Make-up classes are subject to availability and may not always be guaranteed.

Organizer’s Discretion:
– The organizer reserves the right to modify the class schedule, curriculum, or instructors as deemed necessary.
– In case of unforeseen circumstances or class cancellations by the organizer, alternative arrangements or refunds may be offered at the organizer’s discretion.

– By enrolling in our Tango classes, students acknowledge and accept any risks associated with physical activity and absolve the organizer, instructors, and venue from liability for any injuries or accidents that may occur during the class.

Contact Information:
– If you have any questions or concerns regarding these conditions or our Tango classes, please contact us at

By enrolling in our Tango classes, you agree to abide by these conditions and understand the commitments involved. We look forward to dancing with you!